Should I tell you?

The golden rule of real estate is disclose, disclose, disclose and when you think you are  done –  disclose some more.  On an average year I would estimate that I view, walk through, show,  or inspect over 1000 houses on average.  I have always told my sellers, owners, investors and clients, when it comes to property condition disclose everything!  I have found the more disclosure up front reduces issues after closing and move in.    Today I was showing buyers a condo built in 1982, this condo was a little over 700 sq ft and the seller required to be present during our showing.   The seller stood in the middle of the kitchen during our showing and repeatedly claimed all of the appliances in the condo were brand new.  I have always been very careful in using the term NEW, I prefer to list items updated or changed with the date completed such as Fresh paint 2012, New stove 2010, etc.  As I stood in this kitchen with the seller and looked at the appliances they were reminiscent of appliances from the 1990’s, they may have been NEW at one time but they were clearly not NEW today during our showing.  This seller made a huge mistake with declaring items were NEW when clearly they were not, NEW is a very very dangerous term in real estate, this seller actually caused the buyer to rescind their offer since after this type of disregard for disclosure the buyers were concerned about other items also not being disclosed properly.  Disclosure is imperative and accuracy of disclosure is even more important.