Choosing to rent over purchase…

The CEO of the nation’s largest publicly-traded residential apartment REIT, Equity Residential (NYSE:EQR) stated emphatically that more people than ever will choose to rent rather than own a residence.

When one factors in property taxes, insurance and maintenance to the monthly mortgage expense it’s easy to see that renting is still the more affordable option. Neithercutt pointed out that the “Millennial Generation” wants to live in areas where the cost of housing it too expensive to buy.

“There are 4 million people turning 21-years old every year in this country…there will be 1.3 to 1.4 million households being formed every year and institutional grade; core multi-family [rental housing] will attract a significant percentage of them.” The CEO of Equity Residential also said that 43% of the units they own and manage are occupied by single individuals. “They have no intention of moving to the suburbs and buying a single-family home.”

Millions of renters under the age of 35 are choosing to live in the city and can only afford to rent. They’re getting married later in life and moving to the suburbs later as well. Demographics is the key to why the number of adults who chose to rent a residence will continue to grow.  – Article by


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