#1 Mistake by Renters

Our office handles hundreds of rental properties and every single day we receive calls from prospective tenants.  I have discovered the #1 mistake  is not using one REALTOR to find their rental home.  Most tenants find properties on the Internet and spend hours and hours calling office after office inquiring on rental properties.  In some cases these tenants attempt to set up showing appointments with multiple real estate agents to see various properties.  This process is frustrating for the tenants as well as the agents.  In our market the professional property managers list their available rentals on the MLS (multiple listing service).  In order to enhance the leasing process tenants should contact ONE agent who can narrow and find available properties that meet their criteria. This ONE agent can show all of the available properties to the tenant.  This would dramatically improve the tenants leasing experience by streamlining their leasing process and would correct the #1 Mistake by Renters.

One thought on “#1 Mistake by Renters

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