Sell the Fridge

To leave a fridge with a property or not – the answer lately is SELL THE FRIDGE!  Our experience has shown that about 50% of renters have their own fridge, the owners that include a fridge with the lease have us list these items as as-is in the lease, this causes HUGE problems for both tenants and owners. Once the fridge leaks the tenant starts wanting the owner to fix it, if the tenant ends up fixing it does the fridge stay with the property? If the fridge totally breaks who hauls off the old fridge? In our latest cases the fridge failed, the food spoiled and the kitchen flooded, then the tenant was told the as-is fridge would not be fixed, obviously this resulted in an unhappy tenant.  We have other cases where the tenant brings their own fridge and the owner leaves a fridge – does the owner fridge go in the garage?  if it sits there for over 3 years –  will it still work?  My best advice for owners – SELL THE FRIDGE, Take it with you, give it to charity, do anything but leave it in the rental.

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